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When My Children Are Grown -- 16"x16" Wooden Sign

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When My Children Are Grown -- 16"x16" Wooden Sign

This sign says it all -- the type of home we all hope to have for our children! When my children are grown, I hope they still come through the front door without knocking...

This solid wood sign is hand-painted with white lettering on a black background. It can also be painted with black lettering on a white background. We seal each sign to ensure a long-lasting finish. The wood frame is stained and secured to the sign backing.

Each piece of wood is selected by our team and may have slight imperfections such as knots, nicks, small cracks and holes. Your sign will be hand-stained, hand-painted, and lightly sanded for distressed signs. Every sign will take the stain and distressing process differently, and will therefore create a unique and one of a kind piece for your home.


 Size is 16" x 16" plus wooden frame, and comes ready to hang.

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