About Us...

Thank you for shopping with Isabella's Inspirations! We are a family-run business specializing in home decor.

Hello! My name is Emilie. My middle name is Isabella, which led to my company’s name, Isabella’s Inspirations. I started my business just over 4 years ago and can’t believe how much fun it has been to grow this business!

I have always had a passion for creativity from a very young age. Just after I turned 16, I was encouraged to paint a piece of furniture to consign at a local business. I did, and that first hutch was sold and sent to Germany. I was hooked! I started my Facebook business page, and took classes that I knew would help me with my future business goals. Since I was homeschooled, I was able to structure my electives toward Interior Design, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Architectural Drafting and Design. I have had many great mentors along the way in this journey. My business began with painted furniture and interior design. I loved that I could combine my two passions. I paint custom pieces, meaning a client already owns a piece but would like it refreshed with a custom paint job. I also find pieces, paint them, and have them available for purchase. As a designer, I look at client’s existing furniture pieces to see if they can be updated with paint or stain, and also look for painted pieces I can add to their rooms. I work diligently to improve on my painting and design skills, and am currently taking online classes to do so. I had a pop-up tent sale at Luckett’s (which was amazing!), and attended the General Finishes Design Expo (also amazing!).

In addition to Isabella’s Inspirations, I have worked part-time as a Design Assistant for an event planner. Through this job, I’ve assisted in the design for an exclusive bridal salon, painted many pieces for events, and staged areas for corporate events. Adding to my love for creativity, I became certified as Makeup Artist, and am currently working toward my Cosmetology certification. Creativity obviously comes in many forms!

We have expanded Isabella’s Inspirations to include hand painted wooden signs and DIY Paint Parties. Now that my business is expanding, my team has grown as well. My sister, Melia, is our Sign Specialist. She is 17, an amazing swimmer, and very creative! My mom, Diana, is our Creative Director, and is the incredible driving force behind our sign business. Together, we make up a team who works on every aspect of sign-making, from cutting the wood, painting, lettering, and nailing the frames. We have worked hard to fill our online store with a wide variety of signs for you to purchase and enjoy.

We offer Take & Make sign kits, and also DIY Paint Parties for in-home and large gatherings. Check out our Website and Facebook page for more information, follow us on Instagram, or message for details. We’d love to paint with you!

Feel free to click on the HOW TO ORDER A CUSTOM SIGN button in the menu section, and then contact us at for a custom quote.